Calibrations Presentation

A quality assurance team I was part of stopped having test-like audits and started having calibrations--tests to see how similarly we...

Sailor Moon Volume 7 & 8 Blurbs

I wrote the cover copy for Sailor Moon volumes 7 and 8 when I worked with Kodansha Comics at Random House. Sailor Moon Volume 7 Sailor...

Book Buddies Instructions Document

Here is a document I wrote explaining how to use new Excel templates for the Book Buddies program I worked for in 2014:...

2012 Pathway to Publication Map

Here is a map I came up with as an amalgamation of all of my conference experience up to 2012:

Books & Blurbs

THE PAIN EATER, published paranormal romance novel: Roxie Maeda is a college senior who hears voices in her head. When she first sees the...

YA Fantasy Sample Edit

Here is a sample of a fantasy novel I edited:

How to Make a Depression Care Package

If you know someone who is depressed and are feeling like you can't help, something you can do is to make a depression care package....

New Business Cards!

Check out my new business cards! My phone number is cropped out of this image, though.